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Java - Eclipselink no suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql - Stack Overflow

Placing the JAR file in some random location and manually adding the file to the Build Path without specifying it in eclipselink no suitable Deployment Assembly can lead to this exception. This is not right. The maximum time in milliseconds that a connection may remain open before being closed. If true then use the createDriver method to connect to the database.

Java - Eclipselink no suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql - Stack Overflow

Set this attribute to the converter class as a String. You can specify the StructConverter annotation anywhere in an Entity with the scope being the whole session.

EclipseLink will throw an exception if you add more than one StructConverter that affects the same Java type. EclipseLink will throw eclipselink no suitable validation exception if you add a Converter and a StructConverter of the same name. Note: You can also configure structure converters in a sessions.

An org. StructConverter affects all objects of a particular type read into eclipselink no suitable Session that has that DatabasePlatform. This prevents you from configuring the StructConverter on a mapping-by-mapping basis. To configure mappings that use the StructConverteryou call their setFieldType java.

You must call this method on all mappings that the StructConverter will affect — if you do not call it, errors might occur. The JPA specification requires all Basic mappings see Basic eclipselink no suitable map to a non-primitive or a non-primitive-wrapper type have a serialized converter added to them. You can use the existing Convert annotation with its value attribute set to the StructConverter name — in this case, EclipseLink will apply appropriate settings to the mapping. This setting will be required on all mappings that eclipselink no suitable a type for which a StructConverter has been defined. Failing to configure the mapping with the Convert will cause an error.

The Convert annotation specifies that a named converter should be used with the corresponding mapped attribute. This example shows how to eclipselink no suitable the Convert annotation to define the Employee field gender.

Java EE 7 Web Profile Maven pom.xml Using Arquillian, Selenium, MySQL, Primefaces and EclipseLink

The EclipseLink cache is an in-memory repository that stores recently read or written objects based on class and primary key values. EclipseLink uses the cache to do the following:. For more information about the Eclipselink no suitable cache and its default behavior, see Introduction to Cache.


EclipseLink also provides a number of eclipselink no suitable unit properties that you can specify to configure the EclipseLink cache see How to Use the Persistence Unit Properties for Caching. These properties may compliment or provide an alternative to the usage of annotations. EclipseLink uses identity maps to cache objects in order to enhance performance, as well as maintain object identity.

You can control the cache and its behavior by decorating your entity classes with the Cache annotation. Note: If you eclipselink no suitable the Cache annotation on an inheritance subclass, the annotation will be ignored. Set this attribute to the type org.

Polyglot Persistence: EclipseLink with MongoDB and Derby

CacheType enumerated type of the cache that you will be eclipselink no suitable. Set this attribute to a boolean value to indicate whether cached instances should be in the shared cache or in a client eclipselink no suitable cache see Isolated Client Session Cache. Set this attribute to the int value to enable the expiration of the cached instance after a fixed period of time milliseconds.


Queries executed against the cache after this will be forced back to the database for a refreshed copy. Set this attribute to a specific eclipselink no suitable of day org. TimeOfDay when the cached instance will expire.No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost/mazedb.

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This exception has basically 2 possible causes. The JDBC URL is wrong (basically.

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I have an OSGI application, which uses EclipseLink. SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost/the_db at

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