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Cleverly hidden under the eyepiece is a MemoryStickDuo Pro slot for shooting dcr dvd505 photos, although the flip-up plastic guard seems unnecessary. The new CMOS technology allows for more noise-free images and better color, along with more energy efficiency, according to Sony.

Sony DCR-DVD Camcorder Review - Reviewed Camcorders

The recording is quite and dcr dvd505. The use of a dvd rm will allow you edit in camera too.


The best handycam out to date, since the HD models are not really consumer friendly. Plus I like the night vision, steady motion reduction, and auto focus. I went into one of our local stores and dcr dvd505 the sales person for some information and he was quite helpful. The battery or camera becomes hot or very warm to the touch.

Is the battery pack always charging while the camera is connected to a computer or the supplied AC adaptor via a USB cable? With the latter, you gain some basic editing capabilities, including the ability to split, reorder, and delete scenes. When you finalize the disc, the DCR-DVD can optionally create a DVD menu, complete with customizable title, your choice of four backgrounds, and thumbnails that you can dcr dvd505 to navigate your clips on a stand-alone player.

It can also create a slide show of any images on the disc. A proprietary Sony hotshoe allows you to attach lights, microphones, and other accessories. Attach dcr dvd505 receiver to the DCR-DVD and clip the dcr dvd505 to your subject; the camera will record that audio as the center channel of the 5. Telephutte: TolbFree U. Page Troubleshooting If the problem persists, remove the power source and contact your Sony dealer. The camcorder does not operate even when the power is set to on. Page The CHG charge lamp flashes while the battery pack is being charged.

If the problem persists, disconnect Ihe AC Adaptor from the wall outlet and contact your Sony dealer. The battery pack may be damaged. Page A problem occurs when the camcorder is connected to the AC Adaptor.

dcr dvd505 Then, connect it again. An unknown picture appears on the screen. Page The disc cannot be removed. End of support notification for products using the Windows Vista operating system. Information about charging USB peripherals using Windows 8.

Sony DCR-DVD Camcorder Review - Reviewed Camcorders

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All video on the miniDVD is saved into a single file. This means that video editors will have to know how and have the patience to trim down the video to make dcr dvd505 chapters.


The chapters show up on the finalized DVD from the camera, but DVD copy software won't reproduce the menu for you, either. If you want to play back your videos on something other than the camcorder, make sure your DVD player is relatively new. Ours was 6 years old and didn't recognize the DVD-R as a valid disk. Now that I know, this seems pretty logical, but when I popped my first disk into my player, expecting to see my daughters playing, I was sorely disappointed to find that the player wouldn't do dcr dvd505 with the disk. However, there are some fairly inexpensive players out there now that recognize all DVD formats, so this isn't a huge problem.

It's just something you need to be aware of. In all, the DVD is a great camera.


The optional Bluetooth microphone delivered excellent clarity, and its use of the center channel for recording makes the surround sound far more noticeable during playback. The built-in microphone's placement directly atop the camcorder gives good coverage to sounds both in front of and behind the DCR-DVD and alleviates the lack of a wind filter.Notice of Limited Warranty Updates for Sony Electronics Inc. and Sony of Canada Ltd. Important information dcr dvd505 the Sony ImageStation® closing. Product description. Box Contents: DCR-DVD, AC-L Power Dcr dvd505 Charger, NP-FP60 InfoLithium(R) Rechargeable Battery, RMT

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