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Note: This cloth is not suitable for drums. Caution: Be sure to the use optics positioning jig 3 Shift the Konica 7030 mirror unit to the exit side.


Konica 7030 the when reinstalling the exposure unit. Pass the jig through the V mirror unit to fasten image quality. Position the exposure unit by pushing it against the a.

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Removal procedure frame on the right side of the unit. V mirror unit 3 Remove konica 7030 2 set screws, and remove the read front cover.

Remove the 2 screws. Optics Set screws positioning Exposure unit Exposure unit jigs mount fitting Exposure unit rear mount fitting front. Konica 7030 unit 6 Finish installation by reversing the sequence of the mount fittings removal procedure.

konica 7030 Procedure the new type: without a springso when 1 Remove the original glass. Caution2: When removing or reinstalling optics wires, be sure to the use optics positioning jig. Set screws Be sure to perform image adjustment after replacing or reinstalling the wire. Caution3: When removing optics wires, the screws shown in the figure below should absolutely not be removed. Screws that must not be removed. Belt CCD unit. Procedure Old Type: With a spring 2 1 Unfasten and remove all externals from the read unit. Through the front, insert the optics positioning jig so that it is at the V mirror attachment location.

Pass the jig through the V mirror unit to fasten the it in place.

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Exposure konica 7030 Bearing Optics wire rear V mirror unit. Caution: Do not change the position of the paint- locked nut on the spring shaft.

Caution 1: When winding wire around pulleys, be 2 Shift the V mirror unit to konica 7030 left side. Through the sure that the winds are close.


Be front, insert the optics positioning jig so that it konica 7030 at careful to avoid konica 7030. Caution 2: When changing the wire, be sure to use the optics positioning jigs. Procedure Old Type: With a spring remove the bearings.

Starting drive pulleys. Optics wire front Rear 5 winds 6 winds.

Konica Minolta 7030 Toner Cartridges

Rear Tape. Drive konica 7030. Front 6 winds 5 winds. Hook the end of the wire onto the cutout on the frame. Then, pass the wire over the pulley on the outside of the V mirror unit, pass it under the V mirror unit, and fix it with spring shaft of the right side frame.

Konica Minolta Toner Cartridges

Subsequently, konica 7030 the spring, pull the spring shift in the arrow direction, Optics positioning jigs and check whether the tension of the nut departing from the read section is kept in 0.KONICA communications and document production technologies know no limits. The latest proof of this is the KONICA Document Communication System.

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