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How is it with Claw Grip? You can play Dotas with dildo. For Quake it's great as long as g100s don't have some retarded low low sens. It's WMOish without comfortable ass.

By Nagato. By Emenike. I lost original weigh for gs :p g100s its a bit too light for me.


Layer lead paint on the inside of the shell until you are satisfied. This way, you can even get the weight distribution that you want. Accuracy is everything. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. I bought two of these. G100s are lightweight. Or, use pre-configured customizations with automatic game g100s. Perhaps Logitech can't stop using that weight as people would start bitching about a lighter mouse feeling cheaper.

Logitech Gs Optical Gaming Mouse Review -

Cool writeup, thanks. Ordered one already Logitech almost never dissapoints! I have and love the Logitech Gs. So glad I came back to fingertip mice instead of bulky palm grips. I do know the G3 uses the S laser sensor from Avago and that is has a pcs of about 1. So at least from a max ips and malfunction rate standpoint the Gs should perform better, though the feel will be different being optical vs laser and G100s would venture a guess that the overall tracking might be more inconsistent on the G3 being an earlier avago laser, akin to the 95xx and 98xx sensors. On April 26 Ropid wrote: The weight could simply be tradition. Good review. LoL Tournaments. Community General. US Politics Mega-thread If you're seeing this topic then another mass shooting happened and people disagree on what to do South American Politics thread. Ask g100s answer stupid questions here!


g100s UK Politics Mega-thread. Anime Discussion Thread Movie Discussion! The highest rank I wil….

Jeremy Reimer. Help me build a PC. The first is something that Skylit let us know about. Having purchased the G100s, he swapped out the top plate of the shells of each and this solved this issue for him entirely.


Now whether this is a design flaw that will eventually be fixed quietly or has been already I don't know, but as for now it may be an issue for some, though easily correctable you will have to void your warranty to g100s this yourself. I should also note that my main switches are a little squeaky from time to time moreso the right swbut I can live with this if it doesn't impact the operation of the mouse The cord is a tad thinner than others that I've had and initially was kind of stiff, but after some use it's relaxed enough that I don't even notice it anymore I do not use a bungie as I cannot due to my mousing style in fps games.

Logitech G100s Evaluation

Finally, there's a 13g weight inside the shell that can be removed also voids your warranty. I immediately did this and am glad I did so as I tend to like very light mice. Sensor Performance Something that I need to quickly mention about the native CPI steps in the specs is that this information comes directly from CPate who works for Logitech, so we can g100s take him at his word that they are in fact all native.

Personally I'd rather see what the native steps are for myself, but again, as this is a custom architecture it is not likely that we will ever see the datasheet it's not publicly available. G100s, to start off the LOD of the mouse is between 2. Skip to Main Content Area. Aside from that, everything was smooth and as you can see from the performance test I did, the Gs is right on point with its stated specifications which is all we g100s really ask from it. The Gs is ambidextrous which immediately earns it a couple of extra points in my book. Gs has very high LOD lift of distance also.

Log in G100s have an account? G100s troubleshooting Wireless and wired networking Software configuration Upgrades Tips and tricks. It fits great in your hand is comfortable to use. For the price having the adjustable DPI settings is awesome too. However around the 4 month mark the right click started to become hit and miss.DELTA ZERO SENSOR TECHNOLOGY. Building on the powerful legacy of the G1 and G gaming mice, Gs features exclusive Delta Zero sensor optimizations for high-accuracy cursor control.

Logitech G100s Evaluation

Four times faster than a standard USB mouse, Gs captures your moves as fast as you can make. Welcome to Logitech G100s. We've put everything you need to get started with your Gs Optical Gaming Mouse right here.

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