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Make no mistake - this is still a glossy screen, but it is quite usable for framing your shots, even in direct sunlight; an important virtue given that the L has no eye-level nikon coolpix l110 of any sort.

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As for image review, well, this is something you will still want to do in the shade of your body rather than out in the sun. The layout of nikon coolpix l110 rear controls is almost the same as on the Nikon coolpix l110, with one important difference: the old controls have been joined by a new movie record button marked by a red dot. This means you no longer need to select a dedicated movie shooting mode from the menu, but can start filming whenever you want.

Nikon Coolpix L110

Unfortunately, it still takes the Nikon L a couple of seconds to actually begin recording a video clip after you've pushed the movie record button. Nikon coolpix l110 thing that nikon coolpix l110 the Nikon Coolpix L apart from the competition, especially at this price point, is that you can use the optical zoom while filming. Do you feel lucky today? Yes, you can point and shoot out of the box with varying levels of success. I've posted a few out of the box first try guesses below. They are not perfect no fill flash.

nikon coolpix l110 I like saturated backgrounds and the portrait lighting look of the subject, which requires learning positioning, this camera's nikon coolpix l110 fill-flash tricks, and the background methods this camera helps provide, Most any camera can produce portraits outdoors in manual mode with fill flash. To get the real pro feel and results with this camera requires reading the blasted book and experimenting! The features seem endless to learn, first learn the ones you use most, and when knowing all the features over time can bring results that would astonish even the pros.


Very good Snap and Shoot camera, even in low light where some room light from fixtures is present. I always buy my cameras new and always protect the nikon coolpix l110 with at least a UV filter.


One afternoon's shooting at the beach salty air or elsewhere in windy conditions grainy dust or persistent nikon coolpix l110 the lens can damage the lens coating, a costly repair. Suggest for most uses set 'Image Mode' on camera to 3m - x Saves fast and excellent results up to nikon coolpix l110 8x10 size finished photos with most printers these days when original camera image taken correctly.

The video mode is also surprising. Nikon coolpix l110 the photo is taken, both face and smile detection resume, so that the camera can take more shots of smiling people. Do note though that if the flash is raised, you cannot take another shot until it is fully recharged.

Nikon CoolPix L110 Review

The Nikon Coolpix L provides a rather limited scope of editing functions in Playback mode. These include D-lighting and resizing. D-lighting lifts the shadows nikon coolpix l110 a picture of a contrasty scene without affecting the highlights - head to the Image Quality section for a demonstration. A nice touch about the Playback button is that it can be used as a secondary Power button when all you want to do is review what you have taken so far. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. About this time last year it introduced the CoolPix La camera with a big 15x zoom lens and the SLR-style body of a traditional superzoom, but with the simple controls and limited menu options of a point-and-shoot compact.

HDMI cable not included. Sports Continuous shooting enables high-speed shooting at approximately D-Lighting rescues dark or backlit images by improving brightness and detail during playback.


Nikon coolpix l110 makes it frustrating to use. Sharpness : The wide-angle end of the Nikon Coolpix L's zoom shows moderate blurring in the corners of the frame, though blurring doesn't extend very far into the image area. At telephoto, however, blurring is much stronger in the far corners, particularly on the right. Great nikon coolpix l110 here. Chromatic Aberration : Chromatic aberration at wide-angle is quite bright, with strong magenta and cyan pixels visible along the black target lines. At telephoto, the effect is more moderate, though strong bluish pixels are visible and bleed into the black target marks.

Nikon unleashes five Coolpix compact cameras: Digital Photography Review

There's also strong chromatic aberration visible in the left side of the dollar bill, as well as blurring in the corners. The camera focuses so closely that the flash is ineffective, blocked by the camera. Color : The Nikon Coolpix L does a good job with color, though it pushes bright reds and blues quite a bit. Strong yellows, oranges and greens are much closer to the mark in terms of saturation, however. Hue nikon coolpix l110 off for colors like cyan and some pinks, as well as lighter skin tones, which skew toward pink.Incredible 15x Optical Wide-Angle (mm) Zoom-NIKKOR Glass Lens - quality optics provide exceptional images throughout the zoom range.

The lens is.

The COOLPIX L is an easy-to-use model with an effective pixel count of million pixels, a 15× optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers a broad range of focal lengths from wide-angle 28mm. 15x Zoom; f=mm / F Rechargeable Ni-MH Nikon coolpix l110 EN-MH2 (optional) x 4, AA.

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