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Figure By rotating setting up a syringe knob clockwise tighten the upper part of the syringe body in the fixation. Cannula Related Principles: Teflon or Vialon cannulas, rather than metal needles, should be used, as they are associated with less site inflammation.


Midazolam can be used to control seizures as well as for sedation. Sodium valproate can also be used. Your doctor or specialist nurse will prescribe the medicines that will best manage your symptoms.

Safe practice in syringe pump management

Your syringe driver will be set up for you by your doctor or nurse. The syringe setting up a syringe is usually set to give you your medicines continuously over 24 hours. Using this information the speed setting corresponding to the desired flow rate can be calculated easily rule of three.

A combination of medicines can be used in one syringe to manage many symptoms. Figure By rotating the knob clockwise tighten the upper part of the syringe body in the fixation.

Syringe drivers continuous subcutaneous infusion

Prescribe the doses of the subcutaneous medicines to cover a hour period. Check the compatibilities of the medicines in the syringe using the chart in The Palliative Care Handbook or Table 2 setting up a syringe decide on the volume to infuse, stating the diluents.

A maximum of 24 mL solution in a 30 mL syringe is appropriate for the Niki T34 syringe pump. Smaller syringes, e.

A luer-lock syringe should always be used to avoid any risk of disconnection. Larger volume syringes should be used for medicines that will require more ampoules to be combined to achieve the total daily dose, e. The first syringe of a new prescription will lose some of the solution when the line is primed, therefore the infusion will not run for a full 24 hours. An initial subcutaneous injection may also be required as a loading dose setting up a syringe manage the patient's symptoms for the initial two to four hours of syringe driver use until the medicines in the infusion reach effective blood plasma levels.


Same as above, except you are decreasing base rate. Use this function when you want to program in sublevels. This function indicates a sublevel.

Syringe Driver Online Learning Package

Syringe Pumps can communicate with any computer or device with an RS communications port. Your syringe driver will be set up setting up a syringe you by your doctor or nurse. The syringe driver is usually set to give you your medicines continuously over 24 hours. The medicines will be changed or topped up each day by your nurse. Your nurse will change the needle every few days.


It might hurt a little bit when your nurse puts the needle under your skin, but after that, having a syringe driver should be painless. Programmable Infusion Time Instead of rate, you can select from 10 minutes to hours of setting up a syringe infusion time. Nausea and vomiting in palliative care 27 September, Patients often experience nausea and vomiting when they are receiving palliative care and thorough assessment is necessary to achieve the best possible treatment.

Using telemedicine for acute stroke assessment 30 August, Early, accurate assessment of stroke is essential if patients are to receive timely, effective treatment. Opioids in palliative care: the NICE setting up a syringe 1 November, Effective pain management with opioids requires a dynamic approach with a focus on good communication skills as well as ongoing assessment of the patient. Opioid prescribing in palliative care 20 July, NICE guidance on prescribing strong opioids for pain relief in palliative care stresses the importance of communication. Readers' setting up a syringe 1 susannah kelly 4 April, am Great Article - Thanks! Have your say You must sign in to make a comment Sign In Register.

Most Popular Former nurse selected to stand as MP in next general election. Urinalysis: how to interpret results. When prescribing consider: The patient's medicine requirements for 24 hours The doses that may be required for breakthrough symptoms - these need to be available for immediate use The choice of diluent The compatibility of the medicines required to manage symptoms Table 2. In general, avoid combining more than three medicines in one syringe setting up a syringe more than one syringe driver is required.The doctor is responsible for prescribing medication to be infused via the syringe driver. Setting up a syringe registered nurse is responsible for the setting up, monitoring and. Amelia Sayce, Hospital Palliative Care ANP. Setting up a CME medical T34 Syringe Driver.

Equipment Required. • T34 syringe driver, lockbox and lockbox key.

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